Sunday, March 13, 2005

Paradise Hotel

This morning Ben said, "I wonder what happenned to that couple from the Paradise Hotel."
I said, "What hotel? Huh?"
He said, "You know, Dave and Charla."
I said, "I have no idea what you're talking about."
It turns out he was talking about a bad Fox reality show - no, really, a really bad Fox reality show that was on about two years ago.
He remembered their names, is what I'm trying to say. I thought he was talking about people we actually knew. I watch my share of reality shows, but I can barely remember most of their names while I'm actually watching it.
My husband only likes the really bad reality shows. The more exploitative and embarrasing to mention and poorly-rated, the better. But then when I watch something like, I dunno, Cheaters, he'll say, "I can't believe you're watching that."
Sometime I'll have to write about Cheaters, because that is up there with BAD reality shows of all time.

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DAM said...

Did you hear the latest on Landon and Shavonda? That will be the true test of your reality TV knowledge. It will also indicate your level of maturity. The fact that I have the answer is no reflection of my maturity, of course.