Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Interview - Five questions

The brief lowdown on this dealio is that Megan and some folks she knows starteddoing this interview thing where you answer five questions and then postthem on your blog and invite anyone else to be interviewed by you which theythen post on their blog. (And you tell two friends, and so on, and so on…) So if you want me to interview you, say “interview me” in the comment box! It’s that easy!

1. What was you and Ben's first date?
Youwere on our first first date! That was to the ZZ Packer reading in Oak Parkand then to that place with the S’mores. I should have known that he thoughtit was a date, cuz he put on a nice shirt and pants (where I left on thesame schleppy sweater I’d had on all day, so he wouldn’t think it was a date)Our second first date was two weeks later. Apparently we’d been dating thewhole time, but I was sort of clueless until the night he came to pick meup for dinner at the now-tragically defunct La Borsa, bearing flowers.
2. What would you do if Owen Wilson responds to the personal ad?
I’dsay, “Owen Wilson, you didn’t read that story close enough, cuz I’m taken!” And then I’d say, “But if you want to buy the movie rights and put in agood word with Wes Anderson, that’d be swell.”
3. When are some convienent dates for you guys to come over for dinner and what would you like me to cook for you?
Lotsof time after April 1 when we’re back from NY. Except the 6th or 7th I havereadings. We would like for there an emphasis on dessert. Okay, I wouldlike for there to be an emphasis on dessert.
4. When have you been so riled up you've had to ACT (instead of just complaining, as I usually do).
Augh,this is a toughie. I’m not one for marching and also I tend to get riledup about really dumb things. Let’s just say I write letters to the editor,and sometimes they’re long and often they’re anonymous. But in the pastI’ve gotten riled up with myself enough to act on my writerly aspirations.

5.Will you please do this: set a timer for fifteen minutes and write whateverrandom things come to your mind very fast without stopping un til the timergoes off?
Pshhhhhh. Could I do this again another day? This was maybethe worst day I’ve had in I don’t know how long. I’m going to cheat and gowatch STARLET! and come back to this later. So you have a bonus twenty secondsat the top.
Crap, I just erased everything I wrote and it was soo good! Ok, nothing a good episode of reality TV can’t perk up. Starlet. Thisis genius. Not much need to explain the premise of the show. I think itmay be important to mention that I keep typing “startlet” by mistake. Ok,so I missed a few episodes due to a couple of weeks of miscommunication withmy VCR (yes, I tape these things!), but as of now there are five girls left. On this episode they are taken to an acting coach who is introduced as havingtaught such students as Demi Moore, which elicits a gasp from the startlets. The assignment in this class is to work on “anger.” First the coach asksthem to say something about their co-startlets and they all say nice thingsand they are admonished with a stern “That won’t do.” I begin to fear fora fakey reality bitch fest when they are instead directed to “dig” for momentsfrom their own lives in which they were the most angry. I have to say, minusa little bit of screeching, each does a surprisingly respectable job. Here’sthe part that makes life worth living though. After this the host comesback and congratulates them and says something like, “I hope you all learnedto channel your anger here, because your next screen test is from the HilaryDuff film, “A Cinderella Story.” Understand that there is a gravely serioustone to the host’s voice as she reports this. Ah yes, a classic tale ofrevenge and hatred, starring the raging, intense Hilary Duff! I still havethe giggles. I have to call Bob.

and (this isn't as much an interviewquestion as it is a question-question, and if I'm categorizing then #3 ismore of a question-question also)

6. Did you mean it when you saidmaybe you could puppysit sometimes on Thursday or were you just temporarilyblinded by his cuteness and unable to think clearly?

I really meant it!

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