Tuesday, December 20, 2005

What, or What What?

Watched about ten minutes of Deal, or No Deal? last night only because there was absolutely nothing on and I was making crafties for the holidays so I needed something to listen to but seriously, this is the entire premise of the show, from what I can tell. A family goes on, and they get a suitcase that has a certain random amount of money in it. Let’s say it has fifty-thousand dollars. So then the host says something like, “The bank will make you another offer for that suitcase. Deal or no deal?” And then the family kind of freaks out about what to do, and then one of them says, um, either Deal, if they want to walk away with the fifty gs or No deal, if they think they might do better to pick another suitcase, one of which is guaranteed to have more money in it but the others of which do not. That’s pretty much it. There are no trivia questions, no eating of worm milkshakes, no nothing else. Deal or no deal. Someone in some big meeting in Hollywood said, I have an idea for a show where all people do is say Deal or no deal, and this actually became real and that someone made a boatload of money. I am completely dumbfounded, and frankly, was forced to turn the TV off and occasionally look up at my bedroom, which, in all honesty, would make a more interesting TV show. I think I’m going to Hollywood to pitch it. Hey, I have this idea for a show. It’s called “Bedroom.” And what it is? Is it’s my bedroom. No you just look at it. You don’t have to pay any actors or writers or anything. Only me. That’s right. Will I take half a million dollars? Deal.


DAM said...

Despite the fact that there was *nothing* on, I couldn't watch. Howie Mandell. No.

I'll come to yours. Bedroom. I like it and you'd be a far better host.

Daniel Ridges said...

What happened to Howie Mandell? He used to be the talk show circuit darling. Now he looks like some kind of cult leader. Has anyone told him that he does not have the head or the face for baldness? Unlike me, of course. I just got lucky, I guess.

B said...

hehe. you said crafties.

DAM said...

I caught the last ten minutes of this last night. (I was waiting for the finale of Martha Stewart's Apprentice. Not worth the wait.)

What is the deal with this show? I'm not sure I've ever seen anything more ridiculous. The only thing it's missing is Monty Hall. (Wasn't that show sort of the same?)

How completely repulsive is it for these contestants to want more and more for nothing? Greed at its finest. Television at its worst.