Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A Very Federline Christmas

My cousin Matt, unbeknownst to me a lurker here on standBy Bert (I’m outing you!), sent me the hands down funnest Xmas letter this year. I assume it was specially designed for me, but Matt, if you’re reading, I think that’s just plain fun for the whole family. I wish I had a scanner, but since I don’t, picture if you will, a holiday card with not one but two photos, one of the classic Couch-Jumping Tom Cruise, but with a Santa hat, and the caption, “Betsy and Ben, you just don’t understand how much I love Christmas. You just don’t understand…” and another of the Federlines enjoying a cocktail in a tropical location. I feel so… understood!


Anonymous said...

(With apologies to Penn and Teller) Is this your card?


Photoshopped fun aside, an important question remains: Did Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang survive the arctic winds and U.S. Postal Service?

/tried to find a more obsolete video format in the collection, but, alas, no Betamax or Laserdisc as of yet

//off to watch Barbara Walters find spirtual enlightenment with the Dalai Lama ("If you could be reincarnated as a tree, what tree would you be?")

Betsy said...

Yes! Friends and everyone, now you too can enjoy Tom and KFed's Christmas wishes!
Yes, the movie and the book arrived, and we are still in the dark ages so will be able to see it. Meantime I will send you a proper note anon.
PS I watched most of that myself...

DAM said...

MattByBert is a great cousin. Those are truly fabu. A letter as a gift is my idea of a wonderful gift. Cards, notes, letters...always keepers.

B said...

loved the xmas card! Thank you so much!