Monday, December 19, 2005

Heartbreak Mountain

Okay, you have to just see the movie. BTW, it’s actually called Brokeback Mountain, for any of you I might have confused. This is the most telling thing I can say about the movie: Went to lunch afterward with Megan and her friend Jeff, and we talked about the movie for most of the lunch. I’m not sure when I’ve ever talked about one movie for a full hour. It’s not because it’s the most brilliant movie ever, although it’s very very good, but I can’t think of anything more heartbreaking than not being able to love the person you love, or barely being able to even understand the kind of love you feel because it’s so untalked about, or not being able to tell people you love, you know, anything about your man, your Ben who spends time on the holiday letter when he could be making art, or surprises you with a Christmas tree when you’re too sick with the same damn cold from a month ago that won’t die to leave the house for an entire 48 hours. And plus also? Jake Gyllenhall and Heath Ledger kissing and looking into each other’s eyes and just plain doing it? Hot. I wanted to be both of them in their little tent. At the same time.


hutchie said...

i haven't seen it, but i can't wait. ang lee's really the best. i watch the ice storm all too often. that guy knows a thing or two about heartbreak.
please feel better. now.

carolyn said...

just wanted to say i am in total and complete agreement. soooooooo sad.

(You're calling it Heartbreak Mountain. I'm calling it Brokeback Beautiful.)

Betsy said...

Hutchie, I'll try!!!

C - Brokeback Beautiful works too.

Daniel Ridges said...

The Ice Storm is a combination of Ang Lee and Rick Moody. That is an outstanding combination. I think it even beats Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhall, Betsy, but under completely different circumstances and for completely different reasons.

Betsy said...

That too is a great movie, if you don't hold it too closely to the book... but Heath and Jake will forever be together in my heart.

B said...

so true. love is so hard especially when you can't show it to everyone and you have to pretend that you aren't with a guy when your mom and dad come to visit and you have to hide the pictures of you two so it doesn't upset your mother's stomach when she sees a photobooth pic of you and your boyfriend kissing because you are in love and you boyfriend "shouldn't" come to Thanksgiving because that would upset the majority of your family and you can't really take "him" to your cousins wedding...people will wonder...I mean, yeah being in love while being a cowboy back then must have been really hard.