Friday, December 09, 2005

Ass Master

Watched Margaret Cho’s movie, I’m The One That I Want yesterday, which was pretty great. There are criticisms to be made, I’m sure, but I think what’s best about her is her balls-out honesty about herself and other things like becoming a full-blown alcoholic after her network fucked with her head during her short-lived TV series, All-American Girl. She ended up in the hospital after losing thirty pounds in two weeks because “her face was too big,” and they hired an “Asian consultant” because she wasn’t Asian enough – to play herself. It’s old old old news that Hollywood is like this, but she does not mince any words about it. She manages to get a lot of humor out of this, but to me the funniest is when she tells stories about her mom, and the “Ass Master” bit, where her mom is shelving gay porn books, is so awesome. She opens the book and grimaces – “Oh! So much ass, so fast! I thought maybe a table of contents! Ass okay, but everything in moderation… too much ass… not special anymore!” She also has a really great blog.


Donny B said...

Yes! This is such a great movie. It's not just great comedy, it's really well written. The way she weaves her stories together, the transitions, the construction...this is still her best movie (although I haven't seen her latest).

And although the whole "Hi, my name is Gwen and I'm here to wash your vagina" bit went on too long, it was hilarious. When Gwen goes to the DMV...awesome.

DAM said...

I caught this on TV late one night. (I love late night surprise programming.) *I* look forward to the Ass Master bits because they've become her signature jokes that I think "her" audience has come to expect. Of course, I could be totally wrong.

Another comic, Kathy Griffin, used to annoy the hell out of me. I think it was the quality of her voice AND her material. Afer watching her reality show, I've come to really like her. I caught a stand up act last night and laughed heartily. It's called "Allegedly." Her disclaimer to all the things she says about celebs. Very funny. To me. Nothing with profound insights, but still a good laugh. For me. (To me. For me. My disclaimer.)

Katie! said...

I remember hearing a bit about being served "Asian Chicken Salad" on a plane...the stewardess, while handing out the meal, said the name of the salad to everyone except Margaret Cho - for whom it was just "Chicken Salad". I can't tell jokes because I mess up the funny parts (unless I am being witty or sarcastic, I am not actually funny)so I will instead just encourage you to find and play the cd. A lot of work, I know, but worth it. I promise. And I don't make promises lightly.

hutchie said...

oh my god the asian chicken salad thing is one of the funny bits i've seen. you have to watch it though, because the samurai impersonation she does afterward really completes it.

the henslies are weak to the powers of cho. chafe does a marvelous cho's mom impersonation.

we should watch the asian chicken salad bit over the holidays.