Tuesday, November 29, 2005

This Could Be One Of The Most Awful Things I’ve Ever Heard

A fifteen year-old girl with a peanut allergy died after kissing her boyfriend, who I guess had just had a peanut butter sandwich or something. Dang. This isn’t the first time I’ve stopped to wonder about the whole peanut thing though, which were verboten in the preschool I used to work in for this reason. It’s suddenly become a weird epidemic. Peanut butter sandwiches were a staple of my childhood, and until I gained twenty pounds, were in regular rotation on my lunch menu (mmmm, Skippy Super Chunk…). I can’t really envision childhood without it. What gives, world? What will the children of tomorrow have to forsake next for fear of premature death? Cheerios?


n. kittinger said...

It's been suggested that the reason peanut allergies are so widespread is because there's a lot of baby creams and lotions and oils that use peanut extract.

jackie said...

The forsaking of Cheerios would be super ironic, being as "circular-shaped cereals" are favored for young'uns because they are supposedly less chokeable than, say, flakes or nuggets.

I am still way afraid to feed Ellie peanuts, although I am almost certain she's been exposed to some peanuts or tree nuts through my sloppy housekeeping.

Felicity Taint said...

Allergy? While Felicity is known for unusual reactions, these are cultural issues rather than allergies in the classic sense. At least, that is how I explain my fondness for the classic Bob Seger System recording "Ramblin' Gamblin' Man". When I hear that tune, I can't help my self. It just makes me feel so...I dont know.....rambly gambly.

I avoid food allegies through a strict regime of sleep and a diet of spicy chicken legs balanced with food items purchased at my local gas station. This month, I am captivated by circus peanuts. I love how dimpled & puffy & orangey and not like peanuty they are. The perfect side dish for one spicy chicken leg.

Speaking of Kalamazoo's favorite son, the Felicity De Ville will be passing through your humble borough very soon. Tell my boy that I have a circus peanut with his name on it!

There is no restraint

Felicity Taint

B said...

Betsy, how many jobs have you had??? A PRESCHOOL TEACHER???

Betsy said...

Felicity, the boy will be waiting patiently for that peanut.

Byron, A LOT. You read Ad, right? Only partly fiction.