Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Birds Crash Into My Office Window

It’s turning into like, a thing.

Thankfully so far they seem to be flying away unscathed. Maybe the velocity of a bird is slow enough that the result of its body weight times hitting a window equals not much damage. Still, I’ve walked into a few windows myself, which hurts at least a little. I wonder if birds suffer embarrassment. Like, is the bully of the bird world is out there laughing like the mean kid on the Simpsons going “HA-ha! Tweety did it again.”


Donny B said...

"I've walked into a few windows myself"...seriously? A few as in more than one? Wow. That's kind of funny, yet sad. I hope you're not too bruised.

JMess said...

This was a big problem when I worked in a library, so we had some kids cut a bunch of bird silhouettes out of construction paper, and taped them to the windows. Never happened again.

Betsy said...

More accurate to say I have walked into glass doors. It is both funny and sad.
I am totally going to put paper birds on my window! Your poor birds though - they probably just wanted a quiet place to read! Maybe that's why they bang into my window too! !.

chosha said...

Ways to stop birds crashing into your windows: