Friday, November 18, 2005


It makes a lot of good things even better. Yesterday I was deciding between several yummy-looking scones, but the frosted one was irresistible, and you know, scones are all well and good if you’re looking for a certain dry, less-sweet sort of treat, and I wouldn’t have thought of putting frosting on a scone, but it worked, leading me to theorize that if you put frosting on something like even a bagel, I might try it. Anyway, speaking of frosting, it’s Ben’s birthday, and I plan on baking him something yet undetermined, but since I know he shares my opinion, it will be heavily frosting-oriented.


Dean said...

Why don't you forgo the baking, and just make a big slab of frosting? Just stick a couple of candles in it, and there you are. I suggest making one of the thicker fudge frostings so that it will hold together.

Less cleanup too. PLUS! you could smear the leftovers on your breakfast bagels for a week.

DAM said...

dean has a wonderful idea. Though I'm not celebrating anything, I would go for it. Wait. I can't. Watching my weight. It's growing quite nicely, if one want's their weight to grow. I don't.

I've recently learned that Smucker's preserves is pretty much good with everything. Meet me in my kitchen around 3 am and I could teach you all my recipes. Know what? You don't even have to meet me. Three easy steps:

1. Open jar.
2. Use utensil of choice to dig for jam.
3. Slather it on anthing and everything, or merely eat it off the untensil of choice. (See above.)

Happy Birthday to Ben!

B said...

Why don't you try that new cupcake place...I went and LOVED it...I felt so European(and if you eat more than one cupcake you don't feel as guilty because, you know, they are just little things that don't hoard much guilt!)

Donny B said...

Yes, the Cupcake bakery is really good (the cakes are a smidge dry for my tastes, but the buttercream frosting must have crack in it, it's so good). But they're selling it! I hope whoever buys it keeps it going, because whenever I'm in the area I have to stop by.

I recently made pumpkin bars for my boyfriend and made homemade cream cheese frosting (well, I didn't make the cream cheese, but you know what I mean). the pumpkin bars were undercooked and gooey and the frosting was really rich. it was so freakin' good.

Teodoro Callate said...

pumpkin bars are excellent.

frosting is outstanding.

frosting on bagels is roughly equivalent to Dominicks donuts, in that they are not perfect donuts, but they are still satisfying donuts, because it's truly hard to have an unsatisfying donut, even if it's just a bagel with frosting on it.

scones are generally very good ideas, too.

Betsy said...

Thanks for all the tips! I went with frosting an actual cake, which was enjoyed.

smussyolay said...

hello. frosting. a topic i can talk about forever. i'm trying not to eat sugar these days. but oh, frosting.

buying those cans of ready made? just get a spoon, baby.

those nice little sugar cookies that are at jewel (they come for all the holidays and just some regular neutral tones), that are deliciously frosted? these babies are like fucking CAKE. this is largely due to the frosting.

buttercream and various cakes. yum.

(i've just been introduced to pumpkin bars. delish.)

oh, frosting. how do i love you? let me count the ways.

oh. check this. good way to totally fuck up the natural goodness of a graham cracker? betty crocker (that can stuff) frosting. i'm a vanilla frosting girl. while i've made the kid to adult vanilla/choco switch (it's my theory that most people's favorite flavor as a kid switches over as an adult, strawberry notwithstanding, it's still my fave outside of van/choco), i still love vanilla frosting. dear god.

so slather some on a graham cracker. it's the bomb. try not to get too heavy handed, only for the fact that the cracker tends to break.

oh, frosting.

jackie said...

When I ate sugar, cake was merely a vehicle for the frosting. I made myself ill in the tenth grade by having frosting and spoon for breakfast. At my grandmother's, we'd have those frozen Pepperidge Farm coconut cakes. I would roll up the frosting like a carpet and then my great-aunt would eat the cake part...

And so you see, this is why I do not eat sugar anymore.