Thursday, November 17, 2005

Keeping it Real + Living Large = Good Fun

Time and again, I’m noticing that in celebrity interviews, it’s often pointed out how “grounded” that movie star or this rock star is; Reese Witherspoon cooks dinner in a crock pot! Sean Penn carries his own luggage! Tyra Banks loves a bargain! Cameron Diaz drives a hybrid! Jon Bon Jovi is married to his high school sweetheart! (Okay, I do think that's sweet, but aren't there maybe nine million unfamous people married to their high school sweethearts?)

You know what I think would be awesome?

If someone just came out and said, “Aw hell no I don’t carry my own luggage!” “Damn straight we sleep on a bed filled with diamond dust!” “Yes, my dog wears an astrakhan coat! What’s your point?” Or more to the point, “I’m rich and famous! Why would I even pretend to be like anyone else? Wouldn’t you sleep with movie stars if you could? Wouldn’t you trade in your hatchback for a Bentley if you could?”

If I were rich and famous, I wouldn’t sleep with rotating movie stars (I like the one person I sleep with just fine) and I wouldn’t get six nannies or even one and I probably wouldn’t even lose my mind on clothes or shoes, but I would hire a chef and I would buy a LOT of beauty products. I would buy a quarter ounce of cream that came in a tiny jar that cost $265. I would buy scrubs and lotions and face “systems” and I would buy just about anything if it came in a beautiful tiny jar. And maybe I would even acknowledge that it was a ridiculous waste of money, but I wouldn’t even try to tell you I was keeping the economy strong. I would show you my flawless pores.


ted said...

A big AMEN to the personal chef. I'd do that in a heartbeat. I'd probably hire someone to shop for cool clothes on my behalf, too, since I'm a bit challenged in that area.

DAM said...

I wouldn't deny my wealth. Nor would I flaunt it. Sure as shit, I would enjoy it. Housekeeper? Hell yeah. Chef? You betcha. The car of my choice. Yepper. Buying a shirt I like in every color. Why not? Doesn't hurt anybody.

I give charity now. I'd only give more if I were sleeping on a bed filled with diamond dust.

Betsy said...

Exactly, we could give more AND have a housekeeper.

Dean said...

I much prefer your method of keeping it real over Tod Goldberg's.

jackie said...

Yep. I've spent most of my adult life enjoying luxuries only when gifted by one of my better-off parents or if it's on sale at TJ Maxx. Noooo pretense here about "hired help". Especially with the housework. Ball-bustingly expensive beauty products? Absolutely. Don't even get me started on the 2,000-thread count sheet sets.