Friday, November 04, 2005

Oh. Dear.

I feel almost sure Vincent Gallo is telling a little story here. It seems like something he would do. But I would boldly italicize the word almost if I knew how. Anyway, story or not, the mind reels.


Teodoro Callate said...

I mean, what?

Daniel Ridges said...

I can't figure out if this guy is for real, or if he is just making the most of his infamy.

Dean said...

You can bold words by putting a B in little angled brackets (the ones that look like arrowheads > <, shift , and shift .) in front of the words, and a /B in little angle
brackets after the word.

You can do the same with I and /I to make things italic. If you want bold and italic, do both, but make sure that it's b i - /i /b or i b - /b /i. Some browsers have problems if you go i b - /i /b.

I can't show you the angled brackets, because browsers think they're tags and don't show them. Usually.

As for the Gallo link, that's one of the funniest things I've read in a while.

hutchie said...

it's hard to put into words just how much i love that. the world is such a rich and complex place. lovely.

Betsy said...

Dan - me neither.
Dean - thanks! I'll try it next time.
Hutchie - ain't it tho?

DAM said...

Joke? Not funny.

Serious? Seriously scary.

All in all, pretty frightening, though I'm a prime candidate. Natural blond, though helped along as I age. Jewish. Wow, I'm so happy Gallo would find me desirable. Maybe I could be really lucky and acquire his sperm the natural way. A girl can dream. Or have nightmares.