Friday, April 01, 2005


New York lost a great, great guy in Dan C., sad news I got on my trip home this week. He had been sick for years, but this was a guy who touched hundreds and hundreds of people over the years and may never know how much he helped me at a particularly difficult time in my life. This was a person who brightened any room he was in, always had a way of making whatever he said funny and deep and real and spiritual all at the same time. He will be missed by an insane number of people.

We lost a real sweetie here too in Silent Bob (not from the movies), but it’s too sad for me to get into right now.

Life is intense, man. Not a news flash, but stuff like this invariably seems to be going on whenever some really great things are happening to me personally. It never fails to find a way to trip me out. I love my life, even when it’s scary and overwhelming.

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