Saturday, April 23, 2005

One Per Customer

Last night Ben and I watched My Architect, which is a really great documentary about one of the illegitimate children of the architect Louis Kahn, searching for answers about his father's life and death. Kahn was married and had a daughter, had a secret girlfriend and another daughter, and then one more secret girlfriend and a son, and all of these relationships endured for some long time and even after they ended and Kahn died, the women spoke well of Kahn, you could tell that they missed him, that he was the one for each of them, and there were semi-convincing arguments from several different people as to why this may not have been such a terrible thing. Maybe. Not for me to say, really. But.

I told Ben, "You can't have any secret girlfriends or children."

Apparently this was strongly implied in those marriage vows we took last fall so Ben said, "Okay, I won't."

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