Thursday, April 21, 2005


Here are a few wonderful bits from French reviews for When The Messenger is Hot or Occult Fire as it is known in France, as translated by various internet translation servers:

Re my story Josie and Hyman Differ in Their Use of the Word Fuck (from Le Monde, for anyone who actually reads French):

The relation between Josie and turning Hyman runs, and the male having shown nevertheless that "the bottom with her that the boot", the girl replies for him, "And me, this is your bottom that I would like to put boots on." This review, apparently a good one, ends with, "Most of them have not this feather."

And from a bio of me on a book website:

"One knows of it that it grew in New York and that it lives in Chicago."

Yes it does.


B said... is the bestest site ever! Congrats on the rave IT girl you!

despentes said...

yes your book is getting pretty popular here in france! such a nice time reading your "feu oculte"!!! thanx thanx thanx!

Elizabeth Crane said...

Thanks, Byron and despentes! You're welcome!