Friday, April 01, 2005

Things I Have Worn Unironically

This was my “risk” at the Happy Ending reading series in NY, which was lots of fun. I don’t know if people were laughing because they related, or because they felt really bad for me, but the items I shared in this grown-up show and tell included:
1. One disco bag.
2. One well-worn embroidered workshirt from seventh grade that my stepmom made for me. This was the only item everyone thought was still cool.
3. One pair of LARGE “gold” and “pearl” earrings, for dressy occasions.
4. One pair of large and long “silver” and rhinestone star earrings (to be worn singly.)
5. One each: large blue and white rhinestone cross earrings.
6. One bandanna, twisted around forehead ala Olivia Newton-John circa “Let’s Get Physical.” Oh yes I did.

Thankfully for all concerned, any number of unironically unfortunate items no longer exist, such as the three or four seasons worth of tops that all had shoulder pads, all manner of printed leggings, and my gold pleather Members Only-style jacket.


DAM said...

Uh oh, shall I assume padded shoulders are out?

If I'd known the "risk," I could have given you my red parachute jumpsuit. It went over well at The Pier. Then again, so did the bandana thing. :-(

Elizabeth Crane said...

You were stylin' at The Pier back in the day!