Friday, February 18, 2005

Top 10 Things That Are Awesome About My Dad

1. He edits a journal about the Jew’s harp.
2. He married two women named Lois. Of course, Lois Number 2 is awesome in her own right and as far as we all know, was not selected on the basis of her name but rather on these awesome qualities, but it is to everyone’s advantage that she happens to have the Lois name, as we in the family who have unique names know well his tendency to call us by the wrong one.
3. He has a list of top 10 ways he’s likely to die, but which list needs revision since three of them have recently been ruled out (I’m paraphrasing):
a) At the hands of jealous husband Brad Pitt.
b) Fetching flowers for his 117-year-old mother. (Passed away last year at age 104.)
c) Lollygagging while driving. (Which I assert would have been the most likely, as he never seemed to be able to master opening a juice box and actually looking at the road at the same time, but he’s not doing too much driving these days.)
4. He and my stepmother took care of both my grandparents for more than ten years, which is admirable.
5. He knows a lot of stuff about a lot of things, for real.
6. He watches the Gilmore Girls.
7. He’s an active and ardent democrat who was once a republican.
8. He says, “You should do what you want.”
9. And then when you do what you want, he says, “I’m so proud of you.”
10. He’s SOOOOO CYUUUUTE! (Family joke – my father suggests that Lois, my sister and I are short on adjectives other than the high-pitched use of “cute”.)


DAM said...

This is a joyous post and a joy to read. I don't begrudge him his happiness and it doesn't inspire feelings of inadequacy on my part, which is why I think "joyous art" can be rejected in favor of the tragic/sad/solemn.

Tell your father he need not give up dying at the hands of Brad Pitt, the jealous husband. He could reconcile with Jennifer or marry another that your father finds attractive.

There's always hope. ;-)

BC said...

DAM, this is sort of what I meant about "joyous art" - it's still a little bittersweet but mostly about how much my dad rocks!