Friday, February 18, 2005


This is the part where I belatedly make the disclaimer that at no time do I promise to be consistent in my point of view. I say this because I think Hutchie makes a fine point I hadn't thought about, with regard to advertising being all about being happy (and I say, not just advertising, but entire self-help sections of bookstores, and basically just a culture that promotes pain-free living, aka "no such thing") which has been a pet peeve of mine because I don't think it paints the whole picture, by a longshot. Obviously, no one's gonna buy a product if you say, "This deodorant works, but it probably will not improve your sex life." So I guess what I wanna do here is fine-tune my original posit: Being that life offers an infinite array of experiences ranging from grisly death to exhilaration, I would just like it if, critics or whoever, they, would allow that the joyful experiences are as valid as the horrible ones, in terms of whatever anyone wants to do with their art. Because it seems to me like art and literature are more often than not only taken seriously if it's despairing and gloomy. Which is entirely legitimate, I would just like the joy to have equal time.

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