Friday, February 25, 2005

And Now, A Moment of Entirely Appropriate Self-Loathing or: I Am Not A Man

I have brought shame upon myself. I have watched Stars Without Makeup! (Exclamation point theirs, much as I'm a fan.)
There's little I could say to embellish upon the shamefulness of this activity that isn't said in the title alone. It is easy enough to read between the lines of the title alone and see Stars Are People Too Who Could Live Without Us Watching Them Every Single Moment Of Every Damn Day And Do You Think You Look Any Better Without Makeup, Betsy Crane?
No, I for sure do not, and although I now use my married name in my personal life, I use my maiden name here so as not to bring shame upon my blameless husband. I do not think I look good in very many photos at all, and if I had one, I'd post one of me here without makeup, to atone for my shame. There are none in existence that I know of past the age of eightteen, because I am never without makeup outside of my home. Well, that's not totally true, but anyplace other than Jewel, anyway. This is not because I have any concerns that my photograph will be taken. It's nothing more than vanity.
All this said, my only observation was that they really didn't look so bad! For the most part, they looked like normal attractive people, if you don't include the category of photos where they've captured someone making a weird face causing a triple chin that really truly isn't even there. At the beginning of the show, the beginning, they showed a clip of Cher yelling at the photographer something like, "You have no soul!" "You are not a man!" giving me ample opportunity to consider my own soul and turn back while there was still time.
I am so sorry, stars without makeup.

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Anonymous said...

Well, and what about that Bjork clip?!?!