Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Sewing Buttons Onto a Bear

Besides writing a story about a zombie, that is what I have been doing since Saturday. I saw in a shop, a bear, completely covered with vintage buttons, a bear that was not for sale, a bear that I found mesmerizing, a bear that would be the answer to all my problems, I was sure. I have many, many such buttons, inherited from two grandmothers and a mom, and although I do use them for various projects from time to time, never have I seen such an inspired and lovely use of these buttons. Just the weight of this small bear sent me to the moon with joy.

I will show it to you when it is done.

I am seriously thinking about opening an etsy shop, although I don’t have enough of an inventory at this time. Not that you have to.

I would also like everyone to know that yesterday I exercised for at least seventeen minutes, and that my body is in moderate to severe pain today. Still, I might just do it again today. I don’t know why.


.25 life crisis kid said...

you have been productive! You should TOTALLY set up an online shop! It's not easy, but totally fun and so worth the time and effort when someone emails you and says that your product has made them so much happier!

teo said...

That 17-minute-a-day exercise routine is the perfect program by which to prepare for the etsy online button teddy bear emporium.


Betsy said...

Thanks, Byron!
Probably won't be mass-producing the button bears, way too much work, although very cute and could take custom orders. And I'd like to say that I'm still aching.

Catherine said...

Hmm, I'm not sure what intrigues me more... zombie stories or mesmerizing bears covered with vintage buttons.

This sounds like a blog post to be continued.