Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I've Been Tagged

But I am going to take the liberty of adding/modifying some Qs such as “4 places you’d rather be right now” and “4 places I’ve lived in Chicago” because there’ve only been two.

Four Other Places I Have Lived

New York
Venice Beach
Washington, D.C.

Four Jobs I’ve Had In My Life in Chicago

Paper Source (sales, 6 weeks in 1996)
Preschool teacher
College Professor

Four Movies About Chicago I Have Watched Over And Over, For Better or Worse

The Breakfast Club
Wayne’s World
While You Were Sleeping (I may have to write a longer piece about this – this movie troubles me on many levels, but features a lot of Chicago)
Bugsy Malone

Two Places In My House I’d Rather Be Right Now But Can't Because It's Too Cold

in my yard in the hammock
in my attic sewing

Two Chicago Magazines I Read That Seem To Have Conflicting Goals

Chicago Social
Punk Planet

Two Chicago-Themed Shows I Love(d) To Watch

Check, Please

Four Of My Favorite Foods Found In Chicago

beef tenderloin sandwich (before they changed the bun!), Bongo Room
guacamole, Irazu
cupcakes at Milk and Honey
sushi at Mirai

Two Places I Would Vacation In Chicago

The Drake
somebody’s big mansion on the lake

One Place I Have Vacationed In Chicago That Was Pretty Sweet

The Four Seasons

Two Chicago-Based Websites I Visit Daily

She Sells Sea Shells
Tres Hombres

Eight Non-Chicago Based Craft Websites I Am Quickly Becoming Addicted To and That I Check Several Times a Day Even Though I Know They Don’t Post Every Day, Even

Bella Dia
Whip Up
A Bird In the Hand
angry chicken
Paper Forest
Green Kitchen

Three Chicago Bloggers Tagged (because Megan is one and took the other ones I know):

Note to tagees: Feel Free To Modify Questions As Needed or Desired


teo said...

hang in there. i'm working on it. (you wouldn't think this is tough, would you?)

B. E. Pinkham said...

Dang! I was SO enjoying your answers until I hit my name! Oh well, I guess my tax prep paperwork can wait a little longer.

jackie said...

Wow, thanks! My blog or yours?

Betsy said...