Tuesday, March 14, 2006

My Worldview – Is There Another One?

Once again I have culled from Billy Mernit’s blog, this time the awesome commencement speech given by David Foster Wallace at Kenyon last year. I have to say, I don’t much appreciate his or anyone else’s being in my head, and especially not his saying what I think about a million times better than I ever could. In any case, this might be my favorite thing I’ve ever read of his.


Matt said...

Yup...he nailed it. To be intellectually empathetic and engaged is a pretty good description of what it means to really be alive. It should be a subset corollary to the Golden Rule.

I would love to find out the reaction of the graduates to this speech.

Huckle Cat said...

Can I re-do my post-college life now? Thanks for sharing this--it's great.

Betsy said...

Matt - I was wondering the same thing - I figure a couple of kids really really got it and the rest were like - he was funny, whatever.
Huckle - yes, you can! I only got onto this worldview about - five or ten years ago.