Monday, April 28, 2008

Re: The Tasteful Public Nudity of Your Child

Dear Billy Ray,

Okay, um, I was going to address this letter to both you and your daughter, but then I woke up and remembered she's fifteen and the onus is on you.

So, er, did the name Annie Liebovitz not mean anything to you when you signed up for the Vanity Fair dealy? If not, did you not happen to mention to anyone that Miley was signed up for this dealy? If not, did it not occur to you to maybe Google Annie Liebovitz? If not, let me tell you about getting your picture taken by Annie Liebovitz. Many times, shirts come off. I realize this is a bit late.

Moving on. Actually, I personally think it's a nice portrait. Actually, I think it may be the most honest, least contrived, lovely and artful, if, yes, provocative, photo of her I've seen. Actually, I think what you should really be worried about are those photos she posted on the web herself, pulling up her shirt. That's provocative, minus the art. And that's what fifteen year olds do these days, when their parents aren't looking.

So, um, I'd maybe concern yourself with monitoring the internet use and not so much with the Annie Liebovitz.

Yours truly,
E. Crane


smussyolay said...

i finally saw it. i think that some reasons it can be disturbing are:

1. it's dark. i just got a very dark, sort of goth-y vibe. god forbid anyone look at her in any other way than 'hannah montana.' what/whomever that is.

2. also, she looks like a woman. and it's not entirely because she has a naked back. the look in her eyes, the hair. it's not even entirely sexy so much as brooding or dark or serious. again, when we eff up people's perceptions, they get really threatened/mad.

Anonymous said...

Weird. When Annie took my portrait she was quite insistent on there being no nudity. I thought she was kind of a prude. Especially when I started to take my shirt off and she yelled, "Nobody wants to see that!" I guess artists have visions. Yeah. That must be it.

Daniel said...

Good one, Josh.