Thursday, April 03, 2008

Sugar and Mint

After my wonderful book party in New York, at Nina's house, there were a lot of leftovers and Nina sent me home with most of the sweets. Besides about a jillion cookies, I took a lovely box of sugared candies that are shaped like little daisies, brightly colored daisies, so cute are these daisies that I really don't want to eat them, at least until I take a picture. Except I did eat one or two, and it turns out they are delicious sugary mints.

Conversation with Ben regarding these candies as he's about to choose one:

Me: No! Don't eat that!
Ben: Why not?
Me: They're too cute. I want to look at them.
Ben: Take a picture.
Me: Okay I will but not right now.
Ben takes one anyway.
Me: Ennnh!
Ben: Mmm. What are these made of?
Me: Sugar.
Ben: Sugar and what?
Me: Mint.
Ben: Yeah, but sugar and mint and what?
Me: Just mint.
Ben: But what's the binder?
Me: Mint.
Ben: No but what are they made of?
Me: Mint.
Ben: But what holds them together?
Me: Sugar.
Ben: But what holds the sugar together?
Me: Mint.

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