Monday, August 27, 2007

My New Old Career

Last week I made an appearance as “Elizabeth Crane” in a film called “Bubblerama,” based on a short story I wrote called “Stealer.”

I was cast without an audition. They asked me if I thought I could play the part. I said I thought I might be able to bring something to the role. Layers.

This was not my acting debut, but I’m pretty sure it’s the first thing I’ve done that will ever be seen (unless you were watching As the World Turns back in 1986 and were inclined to use the pause button). I had lines. I sat in a trailer. I had makeup. (One more reason I love me some Ben: he said “They gave you a smoky eye.” I said “How do you even know what that means?” He said, “I’ve seen America’s Next Top Model.”)

I am very much planning my wardrobe for Sundance right now.

If you would like to come see the magic, you can!

Click it or ticket: BUBBLERAMA


Eric Spitznagel said...

Wow. You play yourself in an adaptation of one of your own stories? That is so meta-meta-meta-something.

You're just like Kurt Vonnegut in "Breakfast of Champions." Except he only made a guest appearance in the novel and not Alan Rudolph's god-awful film version. So you've gone where Vonnegut himself dared not tread.

In fact, I can't think of another author who played him or herself in an adaptation - movie, TV, stage or otherwise - of their own work. Betsy, you're such a trend-setter.

Betsy said...

Wacky, huh? I know, it's so meta I don't really know how meta it is. But I'll take any kind of Vonnegut comparison I can.