Thursday, August 30, 2007

Blue, Black, Whatever

Apparently I cannot tell black from blue.

Yesterday I bought a pair of pants that I believed to be navy blue. When I modeled them for Ben he informed me that they were black. I stood next to our black dog to show him that the two colors were not the same.

He laughed very hard and told me I had a problem and that I might be colorblind. I went around the room naming colors to prove that I am not colorblind. I got them all right.

He retrieved several more black items to hold next to my blue pants to prove to me that I had this problem. I continued to maintain that they were all different. Finally I could not refute the truth when one last black item was held next to the pants.

Although the issue comes back into some debate because after I decided to return the pants and retrieved the tag from the trash, the color, in tin-iny print, was listed as 'New Black.' Which to me either means that navy blue is the new black or I do indeed have a problem.


Nicolette said...

I've heard of this "New Black" you speak of. I thought that it meant a deeper, richer black, like a new black cotton t-shirt before it's been washed to a faded gray shade.

But maybe navy blue is the new black.

Also, I know a whole mess of people with the kind of colorblind-ness that makes it difficult to notice subtle differences between shades of similar colors. It's not uncommon.

Also, why did you have to return the pants? Do you dislike black pants?

teo said...

I lived in New York once. I visited family in Chicago, and on that trip, I bought shoes. I wore them back to New York. I wore them to work. It turned into the afternoon, and I was on the phone staring at the floor, which happened to be right under my shoes. My left shoe? Soft black leather. My right shoe? Dark grey suade.

Two different shoes, two or three days, 800 miles, a New York commute, and half a workday until a business phone call.

I feel your pain.

Katie Alender said...

I owned a dress in college (a loooong time ago) that I wore all the time for a couple of years. I still have no idea whether that dress was navy blue or black.