Friday, March 02, 2007

Attention Writers (and readers)

Another one of my many new BFFs courtesy of myspace (Nina! SBFFI! Supreme BFF Infinity! Not to ever worry!) is a writer named Susan Henderson, the only woman I can think of who's got over a thousand myspace friends that I suspect she is actually friends with. (Much as I'd like to think I'm actually friends with Bill Murray, well, I'm not sure Bill Murray thinks so.) Sue is a real champ for writers and started a website called litpark where she interviews writers and artists, but also really promotes interesting, thoughtful discussions so you should check it out. She's interviewed me for the week of March 12, but you should just jump in now and stick around for a while.

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Anonymous said...

Hey- I did check out litpark- and she's got lots of good stuff there, including a reference to This Is Not Chick Lit, which I picked up at the Oak Park library a few weeks ago (or was it months?)... Such smart & sassy BFFs you have. love karin