Thursday, June 22, 2006


This morning, writing in my journal, I wrote the word “maken.”

I have no idea what I meant. Context indicates I might have meant “made”, but it’s still unclear.

It does not ever help me at all that my handwriting is close to illegible, even to me.


Chafe said...

I seem to be the king of made-up words. Like the name of Hornet's new record, "Insectuous." What does it mean? EXACTLY!

— Chafe

Betsy said...

That's quite brilliant, though. Whereas maken just sounds like really, really, really bad grammar.

teo said...

I don't know. Sounds fine to me.

Maken pancakes.
Maken money.
Maken luv.
Maken bacon.

carolyn said...

'are you maken that food?'

'i been maken it all day.'

no? :)

mirrorlake said...

sounds fine to me too. kate uses it all the time.