Friday, June 02, 2006

I Don’t Think I’m A Cronenberg Fan

Ben and I watched A History of Violence the other night – ah, I dunno, I was expecting something different. But for me, I’m just not into the sex and violence/surf and turf kind of thing. You know? (semi-spoiler alert) Like, if I suddenly found out Ben had a previous life in the Philadelphia mob (I didn’t think so, but I double checked, and he denied it), I think I would be angry about being deceived but I would not express my anger by having sex with him on the stairs after he tried to strangle me. Thinking back to Crash (the other one), I for sure am also not turned on by car crashes. Maybe that’s just me.


megan said...

I, also, would not express anger by having sex on the stairs. After being strangled. It's not just you ... maybe it's one of those you-and-me things, though?

(thanks for being there last night)

Betsy said...

I'm so glad I'm not alone.
You ROCKED it last night. We loved it.

carolyn said...

i hated that movie. but my dad loved it. a) not only the sex on the stairs but the earlier sex scene = were both almost pornographic. no? b) no way are viggo and william hurt brothers. puh-lease. c) william hurt. got. nominated. for that?? for that????

that is just the beginning of things i didn't like about that movie...

Betsy said...

Oh thank god I'm not alone.

a) yes
b) rieeeght?
c) rieeght?

And that's only one example of why the academy awards are lame. Not that I don't still want one.