Saturday, October 29, 2005

The Greatest T-Shirt Ever

Anyone who buys me this t-shirt in green in size medium will get their name on this blog in bold letters followed by my name plus = BFF.


megan said...

Betsy! God bless it, remove this post RIGHT NOW 'cause I ordered the goodamn T-shirt for you for Christmas YESTERDAY IN GREEN IN A SIZE MEDIUM and now you know and there's no surprise plus I totally won't look cool 'cause it looks like I just did it 'cause you posted this but really I did it before and you've ruined EVERYTHING so unless you want like a fuckton of these shirts, correct this post right now and be excited when you open the package.

Teodoro Callate said...

Ha! A fuckton. Nice.

Betsy said...

Megan Omigod! I totally believe you because only you would be as obsessed as I am by this movie to hunt around and find that link before I did. Should I get one for you?


Other people: I only need one t-shirt, but I wasn't ((that)) serious anyway!