Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Greatest. Thing. Ever.

The words I saw on my tv screen last night: President Elect Barack Obama.


Micah McCoy said...

Last weekend your story, "AD" played on NPR (Which I imagine you are aware of) as part of Selected Shorts. I was on the road from Austin, TX to McKinney, TX, just outside Dallas when the story came on. When the story, charmingly read by Jill Eichenwhatsit, was over I suddenly realized I was on the north side of Dallas...with absolutely no memory of having driven through. Wonderful story. You're lucky that you and NPR and Jill Whatsit didn't cause a wreck...or worse yet (if the story had been longer) my ending up zombie-driving to Canada. No good would have come of it.

mernitman said...

The neat thing is, 10 days later, it still feels like the greatest thing ever.