Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bye, The Wire

Ben and I watched the last episode of The Wire last night. Oh, man. That was some good shit. Spoilers ahead, if you haven’t seen the whole series yet. Really amazing how they wove in all the storylines, and wrapped them up without it being all neat. And so perfect that in the end, they sort of show a sequence where it’s pretty clear that everything will more or less go on as always, in the form of different people and places maybe, but more or less the same. The whole last season, all I really wanted was that Bubbles would get clean, stay clean, and come up out of the basement, so needless to say I’m happy. And as much as I hoped Du’Quan would have a chance, I thought it was perfect that he sort of – took Bubbles place, if you will. I was totally bummed about Omar, and the worst part of that was that I actually saw that one episode out of order, before we’d started watching this season on DVD, at a friend’s house. I don’t know how any of you read this, but I actually thought the end for McNulty was kind of perfect, like, maybe if he weren’t a cop he and Beadie could have a chance. Anyway, goodbye, The Wire, it was great.


Bubbles before.

Bubbles after.


Anne Elizabeth Moore said...

Ms. Crane,

1. I hope you are enjoying Austin.

2. Why have we never traded Shawn Colvin mix tapes?

3. I'm commenting on this post because I love The Wire very dearly, but I will admit right now that I haven't read this post because I haven't seen the final season yet.

4. I hope you had a stupendous Thanksgiving.

Elizabeth Crane said...

1. I am, but we'll be home pretty soon - 12/16 if all goes well.

2. I don't know! Because she's not punk? How did you know of my love for Shawn Colvin?

3. Definitely don't read this post until after.

4. I did, we had crazy pie! Pumpkin of course, and chocolate peanut butter! I hope yours was pie-filled as well.

Anne Elizabeth Moore said...

1. About time.
2. The Internet. Is "You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go" not the best cover ever?
3. My continued devotion to commenting on this thread should be read as a deep desire to view the rest of the series, post-haste.
4. On Thanksgiving, I made a deal with a friend who will build me a bike in exchange for regular experimental pies. How. Cool. Is That.
5. Thanks for the email! Strangely enough, I also got one today from the current editor about being interviewed for the next ish.

Elizabeth Crane said...

1.Looking forward to it, except for the cold.
2.Yes, yes it is. I love that whole record.
3.Do it.
4.That might be the best deal ever.
5.Great minds think of other great minds alike?

Teo said...

Okay, I can't keep track of the numbers above, but anyway:

- Shawn Colvin's cover of the Talking Heads tune on that album, just before or after the Dylan song you reference above, is just about as good as a person can get.
- I just now, this very second, not kidding, just finished watching every episode of The Wire for the second time. That means I'm at about 126 hours and counting (no, not in a row). And here's the news: the series is totally better the second time. They knew what they were doing every step of the way. I "got it" better the second time around, even after the first time had me completely hooked. The Wire may be done for you for the first time, but you might not be done with it just yet.
- Bubbles makes me just about cry, completely. Bubbles!
- Omar!
- You can have your blog back now.