Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dark Movies and Lunch

So we went to see The Dark Knight the other night and I actually liked it just fine even though the four of us who went agreed that maybe the last half hour had a little more going on than was necessary in terms of hostage-holding and storylines and such, not to mention that the last half hour was maybe a half hour extra of Dark Knight than was really needed given it was getting near ten o clock and you know where I like to be at that hour. Anyhoo, I wasn't dying to see it except for wanting to see Heath Ledger, who totally lives up to the hype, I say, and I couldn't help feeling a little sad about not seeing what he'd have done with the rest of his career after this and Brokeback Mountain. But that's not why I'm here. I'm here because as a rule, I'm just not into movies that are dark. Dark themes, fine. Dark-ness, not so much. I like to be able to see what's in the picture. Also, me, I like a movie with a woman in it. That's a bit tangential, this movie has a woman in it, but as another rule, some of these big movies are very dude-heavy. I like a movie with a woman in it. Also, as a meal, I don't care much for dinner. I prefer lunch. I had two fantastic dinners at Lula in the last few days, but I'd just assume have had them earlier in the day. That's all I'm saying.


deangc said...

Ledger was excellent.

I'm glad I saw Dark Knight, but I wouldn't say I 'enjoyed' it. It drew me in and wrapped me up and made me think, but it was relentlessly dark and the scene with the family at the end just killed me.

I don't think it was too long. It was actually good enough that I didn't notice the glaring plot hole until the next day.

Probably the best superhero movie ever, and that's because it wasn't really about the Batman anyway.

deangc said...

Oh, yeah, and now I know why people have been talking so much about Heath Ledger.