Monday, September 17, 2007

Love Lift Us Up To A Higher Place

Not sure if I've mentioned our singing habits around here, but they include making up words to existing songs, making up entire songs around things like frozen foods ("Mini Beef Tacos"* is a classic) and other less romantic things. Also, Ben tends to sing falsetto pretty much always.

Yesterday he was singing the theme to Officer and a Gentelman in the aforementioned falsetto, thusly:

"Love lift us up where we belong
to a higher place
to the Asian race."

There were more lyrics after this that also rhymed with ace, and some of them were pretty funny, I'm pretty sure outer space was in there too, but I forgot the rest because I was still back on Asian race. Because - it seems like it almost means something... but it really doesn't.

*Mini beef tac-ohhhs
mini beef ta-cohs.


tony fitzpatrick said...

I SO want to hear Ben sing the Joe Cocker song in a falsetto......

Betsy said...

That day will come, Tony!

Lisa Guidarini said...

Elizabeth, around my house we turn goofy things into musicals, like "Bad Hair Day: the Musical." Then everything we say must be sung, in dramatic fashion. My daughter's way, way into singing and musicals and such. I'm not sure she's really mine, because I suck at that. The bad news is, that doesn't stop me from singing.