Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Lost Baldwin

This morning we met a French bulldog at the park.

He tried to bite Percy's ears.

His name is Daniel Baldwin.

What, you want more?


tony fitzpatrick said...

Daniel Baldwin eh?.......was the dog smoking crack?

Ben said...

I have never met either of the Daniel Baldwins, but I'm pretty sure I saw someone who looks a lot like you in Quimby's last night? Do you have a twin?

Nick said...

Hey Elizabeth! I love me some Daniel Baldwin, dog-form or otherwise. Pleasure to make your electronic acquaintance. Thanks for kind words on my blog, and I look forward to when our paths will cross again. I might take you up on reading with us sometime...:)

justin said...

do you own him now?

i've always wanted a french bulldog. i love the sounds they make.

Betsy said...

Tony - This Daniel Baldwin seemed to be abstaining.
Ben - I am one of a kind.
Nick - Sure, no problem!
Justin - they are very very cute! Although I'm still partial to pugs...