Thursday, June 28, 2007


Ok, so I’ve been tagged to do this meme (which I think is pronounced Me!Me! but looking at it I always think ‘mehm’) which I will attempt to do but you’re gonna have to tag yourselves if you have your own blog because the concept, if I have it right, is a little too close to a chain letter for my comfort, minus the threats of horrible bad luck and pirates coming to take away your children or what have you. I can’t promise that won’t happen, of course, if you elect not to mehm, only that if it does, it’s a complete coincidence.

Note: I too, have already blogged about some odd facts about myself, so here goes.

8 Facts

1. I kind of like ironing. Not that I do it an awful lot, but when I do, there’s a genuine satisfaction for me in seeing wrinkles disappear.

2. Ben and I rescued a kitten a couple of weeks ago that turned up under the hood of his truck. We gave it to a cute couple that had two pugs. Today Ben saw a cat he was pretty sure was the baby daddy.

3. I really miss writing letters, and yet, with email, it’s not likely I’m going to start writing too many of them again unless you are the one person who is not hooked up to the internets.

4. I also really miss getting the New York Times delivered every day. Now we only get it on Sunday, and I can look at it online during the week but come on. It’s not the same. I can only take so much comfort in knowing I’m responsible for a few less trees being slaughtered.

5. Lately, I’m getting invitations to join Linkedin (again with the pronunciations – because there’s no space, I always hear this as ‘linka-din’) and Facebook and I am not at all understanding why I need to be on more than one of these networks because frankly, just the one (myspace) is enough to keep up with. I need to obsess about my friends on three websites?

6. Poop, pee, and especially gasses, are frequent sources of humor in our household.

7. I’ve lost 12 lbs on ‘weight watchers’ (term used loosely because I don’t go to meetings and I only keep track of points in my head) so far this summer, and I can now fit into some of my cute clothes I couldn’t wear last summer.

8. Our shared dream of having our fabulous (hee) apartment featured in a magazine has finally come true. You can look at it here: Apartment Therapy. Okay, okay, it’s online. It’s not Architectural Digest. But it’s very cute, and so is our stuff. (Note: when you get to the site, you have to click on the little picture that says 'house tours' - but it won't show up until 12:30 Chicago time I hear.)


Anonymous said...

All the crafts and objets in your apartment are indeed lovely, but I think the best thing about your decor is Percy.

carolyn said...

lovelovelovelove the quilt on that bed! :) and hellooooooo congrats on the poundage.

Katie Alender said...

I say "mehm" too. The person who first told me about memes, like 7 years ago, said it that way, and I trust his authority. Even though at the time he was referring to the pictures of Ralph Macchio pasted all over the underpasses...

Your pictures are great! I love the layered painting, and the daisy afghan gave me the most visceral flashbacks to I don't even know what. Your home is lovely!

Amy Guth said...

(gasp!) Come decorate my apartment, Craney-lamb? Your place is so pretty. I (heart) you.

Betsy said...

Percy thanks you, Anonymous, and says to tell you he knows. Thanks, Carolyn! Something tells me yours are a little less flawed than mine. But now that I have it sewn together and only have to quilt it, I must say I'm quite pleased myself! Thanks, Katie! I feel less alone now in my mehm-ness. Amey-lamb, why do I suspect you do not need my help decorating your house, oh styley one?

N. Kittinger said...

I've always pronounced it "may-may," knowing that I must be wrong.
Also, your apartment is gorgeous. I love the painted floors.

Betsy said...

Thanks, N!

Jeff Weddle said...

I wonder if you are the Elizabeth Crane who wrote "Blue Girl," which I just finished reading in Punk Planet. If you are: bravo! If you're not, you still seem pretty cool. :-)

Elizabeth Crane said...

I am, Jeff, thanks! - EC