Thursday, June 21, 2007

In Appreciation of Knobs

Okay, when you have all your knobs in place, you probably don't think about how great that is, but I'm here to say that when some of your knobs fall off, it's a total pain in the ass. Because your options for opening the cabinets become: try to get a grip on the teeny little nub of the screw that's poking out where the knob fell off, or open the other cabinet door, the one that has a knob, so that you can open the knobless door. Unfortunately, when the knob on the door adjacent to the knobless door also falls off, then you're back to trying to grip the nub, or reaching all the way down to the bottom of the cabinet door to pull the door open.

I can't even remember when the knobs started falling off, but it's been a while, long enough so that for several days now, since Ben went out and got new knobs, every time I reach for the knob with my two fingers ready to pinch the nub, to discover that there's a whole, actual, complete working knob right where I want it, well, it's joyful. You have no idea how substantial a knob feels in your hand when you've gotten used to pinching the nub of a screw. Especially since I like the feel and the look of these new knobs much better.


Matt said...

What's even worse is when you have a three cabinet situation over an oven or cumbersome appliance. At that point, you are jumping up and down with a butter knife (too low to actually get a stool, too high for a comfortable tippi toe) trying to break the magnetic seal without scratching the paint, wood, ceiling, or light. Bonus points are awarded if caught by a significant other or neighbor if your kitchen faces the street.

/yes, i have experienced the home depot drive of shame

Eric Spitznagel said...

Personally, I find knobs too oppressive. So I've just gotten rid of cabinets altogether. It's kinda nice to walk into your kitchen and see all of your canned goods stacked in neat little rows. It makes me feel like I live at Costco.

Betsy said...

When it comes to butter knives and spoons in the coffee pot, it's time to make some changes.
Eric, are these canned goods stacked on the floor? No shelves even? That's impressive. What happens if you want something at the bottom of the stack?

Eric Spitznagel said...

I do the same thing I'd do in any grocery situation. I just yank it out, topple the entire display and then start screaming, "Clean-up on aisle 4!" Doesn't work as well as it does at Trader Joe's, though.

Betsy said...