Tuesday, November 21, 2006

On Trying Generic Raisin Bran (Don’t)

This morning, eating my Whole Foods brand raisin bran (which I had to plunder to find raisins, and don't get me started about the 'bran'), I said, “This raisin bran is really bad.”
Ben said, “Did you try adding sugar?”
I said, “I never add sugar.”
He said, “Maybe you should try.”
I said, with a mouthful of gummy fake raisin bran, “I don’t think sugar would help.”
Ben said, “What?”
I repeated, “I don’t think sugar would help.”
He said, “Oh I heard what you said. Did you?”

Moral of this story: Sugar always helps. Except with generic Whole Foods Raisinless Gummy Flakes.


chicopants said...

Too cute:)
come see me at sillypants.com?
I like your site:)

callie said...

I have that same awful cereal. Trust me. Not even sugar and caramel and chocolate on top would help.

BTW, I dig that your posts are now at the top instead of way, way down.

carolyn said...

ugh that sounds hideous. if sugar wouldn't help it, that's food not even a dog would eat.

Betsy said...

Callie, it's true, this morning I just couldn't eat it. I think I got most of the raisins out yesterday anyway. I'm confused about the posts at top - I haven't done anything different - are you using a different browser maybe?

Anonymous said...

You should try the new chocolate lucky charms. They are soooo good and the marshmallows are still the same!

justin said...

woah. did you just say chocolate lucky charms?