Friday, November 03, 2006

Avenue Is Not Closed

At the nearby Jewel plaza, where we do some of our grocery shopping, there’s also a K-mart, a Blockbuster, a Subway, a Dunkin’ Donuts, a Staples soon to come, and a low-priced chain women’s clothing store called Avenue. The other day Ben and I were in the parking lot and he saw the Staples going in and he said, in all sincerity, “Oh no, is Avenue closing?” After I stopped laughing, I apologized for mocking his grief over the closing of the low-priced chain women’s clothing store he’s never been in that isn’t actually closing.

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thierry said...

I went to Key West (Flo)in April and the low-priced chain women’s clothing store (!) there was called "Dress for less". I found it sounds good to me :
dress for less, dress for less.. But the point is that it sounds also good -may be better- to my wife and my daughter... So that they dresses for less...a lot !
While we were waiting, Tom and me, under the sun on the parking lot..
No, really, it doesn't sounds so good to me now...

A french fan !
Have a nice day