Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Okay, so I’ve been watching Studio 60, the new Aaron Sorkin West-Wing-But-At-Fake-SNL show, and it’s good, even though I have to admit I thought I’d be a little less confused than I was by West Wing since it’s TV and not international politics but I was wrong about that but nevermind. Anyway. My only issue with this show is a small matter of casting, or possibly even a casting description that should be reworded. Here’s the thing. I like Amanda Peet. I like her a lot. I have liked her in everything I’ve ever seen her in. But every time I watch this show, I think, either she’s just not right for this part or the part isn’t right for her – for one thing she just doesn’t play old enough to be a big network head. Amanda Peet ten years from now would probably be perfect. Yes, she’s supposed to be someone everyone wants to sleep with, and I can see where a lot of people would want to sleep with her, she’s quite gorgeous, but every week I start recasting the role in my head – who’s about ten years older, super sexy and strong, believable in that part. And I toss names around in my head and this week I figured it out. Sela Ward. So get on it people! Wouldn’t you so much rather see Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford all drooly over Sela than Amanda? M.P. by the way, is doing well to make us forget Chandler here, I think he’s really great. Sarah Paulson totally won me over this week too, with her DEAD ON impression of Holly Hunter in Broadcast News.

Points to anyone who can name the short lived WB series featuring Paulson, Amanda Peet, the slacker brother-in-law from Weeds and Joy from My Name is Earl.


S-JY said...

An issue I have with the show is the theme song. As usual, I think my sister put it best: “That's nasty.”

teo said...

well, i couldn't see the show this week, but i'm nonplused by the casting decision for the matt perry ex. if that's sarah paulson then I'll defer judgment until I see it.

but i remember with the west wing there were a bunch of people in the first few episodes that didn't last. my guess is that anyone not hitting america's sweet spot won't last long.

i am blogging about tv. good god.

go betsy!

carolyn said...

i know exactly what show you mean, her and sarah paulson were roommates and she winds up falling in love w/ the boy downstairs ivan reitman... hold on wasn't it called 'jack & jill' something like that. i've been racking my brain for weeks trying to remember.

i think the problem on studio 60 is that they are making her take the super drama role. ALL serious ALL drama ALL the time. she's a great comedic actress, trying to put on the serious makes her seem stiff and boring and not very sassy. i don't think it's the age thing that's wrong, for me.

i'm liking the show, (loved the gilbert&sullivan sketch) but not loving it just yet. hopefully they will give it time to grow.

Wendy said...

I was hoping someone hadn't guessed Jack and Jill. Do I get points for saying the lead guy on that show was Ivan Sergei?

Betsy said...

Points to you both, and especially for knowing that guys name!

Daniel Ridges said...

I Tivoed the Studio 60 show, watched it, and was pleasantly surprised. I have been in awe of the West Wing since I first caught it a few years ago (I am ALWAYS late to these kinds of parties). I know M.P. would be good on this show, he was always quite good on West Wing. Betsy, I agree with you about the casting of Amanda Peet for this show, but then... Hell, it's Amanda Peet. I can suspend my disbelief for a half-hour or so every week.

And, speaking of Joy from My Name is Earl... Jaime Pressley(?)... She's a piece of work, that one. And I don't mean this as a perverted, married thirty something, either. This part of Joy seems to be written for her. I've enjoyed her talent in just about everything I've seen her in, but in Earl she just captures the audience. There would not be a show if not for her.

That's just my humble opinion, though.

And, is Sarah Paulson the Christian Comedian from Studio 60? If so, she's pretty great!

Although, I have to disagree with you on one thing. Sela Ward. I am not crazy about her, although everything about my male being says otherwise. She's attractive and, well, attractive. But, she's not believable. In anything she does. I loved the show Once and Again. Loved it. Evan Rachel Wood was priceless in that show. Julia Whelan was even better. But, Sela Ward brought the show down, in my opinion. She just seemed to be too consumed with herself.

Anyhoo, you've got me writing again with this. I caught the show and was happy to see you've written about it, too.

Thank you, Betsy. Again. For renewing my faith in the banal. (Just kidding!)

Betsy said...

I'm too distracted by Peet, but she's just not my type.

Josh said...

Oh how I had loved Jack & Jill. I completely forgot that they were on that show together!

I do have to say that I'm relieved they're both on a show that's more mention-appropriate for a 20-something male. I can only say, "Yeah, I loved Jack & Jill/Felicity/Other WB Show, too!" so many times before people start looking at me funny and my TiVo starts automatically recording One Tree Hill for me.