Monday, October 16, 2006

I’m Sorry, That Guy is What?

Ok so back to the department of weird censorship on the WB (see post on Swimfan: Weeyotch), was flipping channels the other night, landed on Grosse Point Blank, watched a few minutes of a scene between Joan and John Cusack and Joan is describing some bad guys and John says, “I know that guy – he’s an (insert bad overdub) aerosol.”

Huh. Someone at the WB, I now think, is just trying to see what kind of silliness he can get away with. Unless calling someone an aerosol became harsh words while I wasn’t looking.

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teo said...

They've been showing Pulp Fiction on TV every now and then. Lots of "motherfather's" in there. Huh. That dude is one baaaaaad motherfather. Hm.