Monday, August 21, 2006

Whole New Levels of Smooth

Ben and I just gobbled up season 2 of Project Runway, or P.R., as we’ve come to name it around here, and I have do say, I don’t know what the big fuss about Santino’s attitude was – yeah, he kind of had one, but he was so funny I really didn’t care, and it never seemed to me like he was some sort of evil character. His songs (Lighten Up, It’s Just Faaa-shuun!) and his impressions of Tim at the Red Lobster with Andrae are, well, classic television, I feel. I loved season 1 too, but this season I just want to be new best friends with Santino, Daniel Vosovic, Nick Verreos, whose devilish smile and giggle just kill me, and my new group of best friends wouldn’t be complete without Tim Gunn. Tim Gunn, who at first has this sort of cool demeanor, a very New Englandy proper way of talking, is actually a total sweetie with a great sense of humor.

I don’t know how it would be done, but I think someone should think up an equivalent show like this for artists. Talented artists come on and have to do artistic challenges, but something that sort of makes sense like it does on P.R.

Anyway, Sunday night since we had no more DVDs and our best tv option was some teen awards, we decided to watch some videos Ben downloaded called Yacht Rock. I’m not sure any explanation I could offer would do it any justice, and might actually detract from the element of the inevitable what-the-hell-is-this surprise. I will offer the advance warning that it’s not for everyone – but I think this sort of homemade entertainment, as evidenced by the popularity of YouTube, is the wave of the future, and much more fun than anything tidy that’s on actual tv these days. Except P.R.


.25 life crisis kid said...

I met Daniel Vosovic.

He is not nice at all.

He's very very stuffy.

Sad, actually. And it wasn't in line to shake is hand. It was at a local bar where he kind of stuck up.

Ok. not kind of.

But Santino...oh he's so so so funny. I loved those impressions, too. But I loved his visual philoshopy, also.

Betsy said...

No, no, no, no, I can't believe it, I won't! He must have been having a bad day! Or he's shy! People think I'm stuck up, too but really I'm shy! Not sweet Daniel!

.25 life crisis kid said...

You're not stuck yup.

And NO! he's meaaaaan.

mernitman said...

Mean or nice, he's a threat: you've now given me one more reason to lie around the house like a lox, glued to my computer screen when I should be... um... writing? Thanks a LOT, Bets. ;-)

p.s. if there's any justice in TV, soon Tim Gunn will have his own show...

Cam said...

Love the Project Runway for Artists idea. Find a way to sell that idea to Bravo! They took the same concept & applied it to cooks, why not artists? And, to make it better, maybe they could have something like this as part of the elimination/critique sessions. After all, what's art without attitude?

Cam said...

Don't know what's wrong with the link. Try this one:

From the website, here is a description of the Art v Art Competition: "This truly unique art competition featuring side-by-side face-offs between same-day created paintings. The winner is determined by audience vote; the loser faces the “Wheel of Death” unless someone’s generous purchase can save the painting from a ruinous fate."

Anonymous said...

Project Runway is the ruler! We're hooked too.

I e-mailed you this, but just in case:


Just when you thought K-Fed could do now worse, wow. A disgrace to even associate the words "hip hop" with this crap, but it's fo-shizzlely-great entertainment!


smussyolay said...

SHUT UP! daniel vosevic is my gay lover boyfriend husband. damnit all to hell, do NOT besmirch his name.

one of the reasons (a large one, at that), that i wanted him to win so bad was that he by and large stayed o.u.t. of all the drama and was fair/levelheaded.

although, one of *my* all time favorite lines was, "it's a motherfuckin' walkoff!" in re: zulema's dastardly deed screwing nick, nick's model (she lost the next challenge), and her on karma points.

santino was cool, then a bitch, then mellowed out some.

however, chloe and her nast-ass prom dresses did NOT deserve to win. in a "damned if you do, damned if you don't moment," santino actually got screwed by making really pretty stuff with his style, but not his total blown-out craziness. i couldn't believe they slammed him for NOT being more bold. michael kors, nina garcia -- you're fucked.

although, i still wanted daniel to win.

beth b. said...

i *love* yacht rock.

'california vagina sailors' particularly slays me.

justin said...

daniel should have won. that's all i'm saying.

chloe's final designs = barf.