Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Laurie Colwin

I’ve been reading a lot lately, mostly short stories, natch, probably because the heat is leaving me little energy for anything else. I bought some awesome fabric the other day, but I will not be hanging out in the attic to sew it up anytime soon. So. I thought that one story in particular deserved its own separate post, and that is “The Achieve of, The Mastery of The Thing,” by Laurie Colwin. Nancy Pearl, recommended it to me. It’s about this woman who’s a pothead, married to a professor who has no idea. About halfway through I couldn’t stop cracking up. Awesome.
I am so bummed that I’ll never get to hear Colwin read. She died really young, over ten years ago. But she has a bunch of books, and I’m going to get on it.

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Dr. Alice said...

"The Achieve Of, the Mastery Of the Thing" is one of my favorite Colwin stories. It's not remotely like any of her others, and I get the sense that it was never published in magazines as her others were and may have been written just for the collection. It's sardonic and hilarious. My favorite line is the one where she finally confesses to her husband that she has been smoking pot "unceasingly" and he corrects her: "Incessantly."