Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I Am A Style Pioneer

Recently Ben and I went to a party and I didn’t have quite the right light sweater to wear over a new top so I threw on a short little black jacket with three quarter length sleeves I’d taken from my grandmother, one she’d made probably around, maybe 1963? The kind that’s so short your shirt sticks way out the bottom, but isn’t quite a bolero either? Something about it looked cute to me, even though it wasn’t my usual look – Ben described it as “arty” – well, a week later I was looking at Vogue magazine and under “must haves” for right now? Short jackets. Just like mine.
I like to point these things out when they happen because, well, they never happen. Well, I'm sure they happen to other people. Me, I think, Hm, maybe Doc Martens aren't so hideous after all, right about the minute no one's wearing them anymore.


jackie said...

This reminds me of the period in the 1990's when smeary dark makeup, chipped nail polish, tights with holes in them and combat boots found their way onto the runway:

About damn time those fashionistas caught up with me!!

Dean said...

Sadly, I keep waiting for fashion to catch up to me, but they haven't made it yet.

Look for fat old guys wearing jeans that don't fit and XXL tshirts to be hot Any Time Now.

teo said...

I'm convinced that my Grey Goatee look will be sweeping the nation very, very soon. As will Sideburns That Never Quite Fill In.