Thursday, April 27, 2006


This photo does not do even a little justice to what I picked up at a garage sale in Mt. Pleasant this weekend. For five bucks I got dozens and dozens of more or less brand-new embroidery floss in absolutely lovely colors, every tiny variation in shade. I will pretty much not ever have to buy any more ever again, except pink. There's very little pink here. I also got a sweet fifties lamp for 2$, miscellaneous trim for less than a buck altogether, and a clock for 25 cents.


.25 life crisis kid said...

i adore that your blog has evolved from britney bashing to floss faboulousing!

Matt said...

Good haul! I think that there is something in our genetic code which drives us to garage sales, flea markets, swap meets, government auctions, etc, etc. I'm ashamed to admit that I have even enjoyed going to the occasional storage unit auction or two, although I feel a bit creepy, parasitic, and a tad voyeristic afterwards.

/no Rembrandts found behind an old Ping Pong table yet

// no Hannibal Lectern moments either, thank goodness

Betsy said...

Thanks Byron! I haven't entirely closed my heart to Britney and her ilk, but I'm feeling so detached lately...
Anyway, Matt, I'm hardly surprised the family genes carry over to the 'gomerys, the Cranes and the Russells seem to have it, so I'm basically screwed. But oh, for the moments of joy in finding such treasures! I never knew about storage unit auctions! How do I find out more?