Thursday, July 22, 2010

All The Pretty Status Updates

So it was actually pretty great being offline, but we weren't in the fields long enough to assess whether we could withstand the world without facebook long-term. We were there just long enough for me to still think continuously in status updates, so here they are, in no particular order:

Back roads are the way to go.

Sirius radio: eh.

I pitched the tent. All by myself.

At campground: Ben leaves the bananas on the table overnight.
Betsy: What about wild animals?
Ben: They don't want bananas.
Betsy: Monkeys do.
In the morning, all that was left of the bananas was the peels.

Vogue magazine is acceptable campground reading.

A six-person tent is the exact right size for two tall people and an 80lb dog. I pitched the tent.

Strange sucking noise outide car.
Ben: Did Percy just make that noise, or did you?
Betsy: I didn't make that noise.
Ben (laughing hard): You're saying Percy made that noise?
Betsy: Yes. Why would I make that noise?
This seemed very funny at the time but I am seeing now that something is being lost in the translation.

Campground showers have not become more cleanly in the time since I last camped.

When you have laryngitis on a long car trip, the urge to comment on every billboard becomes stronger than ever. Suddenly, you will need your every thought about every weird ad or town name to be known. However, I can remember none of these now.

Auto breakdowns: I am a trooper.
Airline mishaps: I am not a trooper.

Outside our bedroom door at my dad's house lives a frog who croaks loudly until about midnight. Ben opens the door and goes "Shhhh!"

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Athena said...

That was interesting. Sounds like it was a wonderful trip.