Friday, February 15, 2008

My Ben Likes to Party All The Time

So the other morning Ben was singing "Party All the Time" in the falsetto you've all had the pleasure of witnessing now.
Me: Do you know who sings that?
Ben: Paula Abdul?
Me: (giggling) No.
Ben: Bob? (Bob here = actor friend who plays 'Wilson' on the popular Fox television series "House.")
Me: (giggling more) No.
Ben: Okay I have no idea.
Me: Eddie Murphy.
Ben: No way!
Betsy: For real.
Ben: Well then I was pretty close with my last guess.


smussyolay said...

my mom was all disgusted with us as kids cause we were singing that once cause she thought the song was "likes to POTTY all the time..."

she doesn't hear very well sometimes ...

Anonymous said...

This song has been in my head every since I read this post five days ago. I hate you both. Haha.

Brady said...

My gym here in Philadelphia has its own video channel, and it plays a lot of great but random stuff... it plays the video for "party all the time" all the time. It's so weird. I don't think I'd heard that song since it was big when it was out and now I hear it like once a week.