Sunday, December 30, 2007

Merry Christmas to Me!

Okay! So, except for Ben bonking his noggin in a freak snowboarding accident (or, not freak - he was actually standing on a sled) and us going to the emergency room, we had a pretty great week at my dad's house in Iowa. Here are some highlights taken with MY NEW CAMERA that Ben got me for Xmas plus a little post-concussion video that I also took with MY NEW CAMERA. (Note: Ben is recovering nicely and the ER, at least in Mt. Pleasant, is not anything like it is on NBC. Meaning, you fall off a sled and you walk in and there's no one there and they say come on in and then they fix you and it doesn't appear that any doctors are drunk or having sex with any other doctors. Also: while viewing, please ignore my fingers/horrible hangnails in front of the camera, I wasn't concentrating, but I don't claim to be Scorsese either.)

Snowman #1

Snowman #2

Tree with cardinals (there was a bright red one in the center just seconds before I took this photo, for reals)

My bro Reed, in fake smile

My dad in fake smile

Crane-Zangers in Santa hats.

Dog tired.


Anonymous said...

Is it ok to laugh at people who have just had concussions? Ben was cracking me up. I also enjoyed the last second cameo by Percy. I hope all three of you are well and have a wonderful new year! And, of course, that Ben doesn't just dream that it is a new year tomorrow because that would be too Sci-Fi Channel scary.

Anonymous said...

Amazing -- with a state-of-the-art digital camera and no knowledge of post-processing techniques, you've managed to create something that looks like crappy Super-8 footage! Outstanding! Or -falling, in Ben's case!

kfoz said... everyone OK? You have a new book out today! Yippee!!!!

Betsy said...

Yes, Ben is basically recovered, although he does complain of some fuzziness.
My pub date is actually a month from today, but it seems to be on most shelves already!

kfoz said...

Hmmm. Amazon says that it won't be available until today, like it was embargoed or something.

And I ordered it for my friends bookstore the other day. From Ingram.

And I blogged about you, Percy, corn chip paws and your new book today!

carolyn said...

hey lady! very excited to find your new book at borders the other night! yay!!! :)

smussyolay said...

you're here! my link for you doesn't work, so i thought you went away. but i found it through myspace.

oh, stupid myspace. you are good, sometimes.

Elizabeth Crane said...

I am here. But I am having trouble trying to post so I'm not surprised you're having trouble trying to find me!