Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Transcript of Yesterday's Support Group Meeting For Obsessive Dogs

Sunday at the dog park, Percy's best gal pal Piper swallowed one of his rubber balls whole. She's done this before. Thus, the transcript.

Percy: Why would they leave such a tasty pillow out if they didn't want me to eat it?
Piper: This is my feeling about the balls. Am I the only one who loves that rubbery feeling in my mouth?
Izzy: LOVE that feeling! LOVE IT!
Charlotte: Oh man, me too.
Santino: Nothing like it.
Percy: Have you guys even tried pillows? Slippers? LEATHER? Leather is the best!
Counselor: I think we're getting a little off-track here. Let's redirect. Last week we talked about treats, and we agreed that you all get plenty of treats.
Percy: A treat is completely different than a pillow. Not the same. Both have their place, don't get me wrong.
Piper: Does a treat have a squeak? I don't think so.
Percy: This is what I'm saying.


teo said...

As a person who runs a therapy group? Nicely done. Excellent.

Nick Ostdick said...

Hey Elizabeth!

Just saying hi. Hope all is well. Looking forward to your new book. How was Tao's book?

Betsy said...

The first couple stories are great, but as usual, I've had no time to finish... hoping to read for pleasure over the holidays!