Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A New Lease, Sort Of

Man, sometimes it really doesn’t take much to make me so, so happy. Sunday Ben and I went over to Megan and Christopher’s to pick up a set of bookshelves they were getting rid of since they’re moving. It’s just one very tall, modest, six-shelf Ikea number. And yet, now my waist-high piles of books on the floor now have an alphabetized, organized place to live and be admired by me, possibly even read, since they can now be found, single layers deep only, fiction and non-fiction sections, reference, and “books that are too weirdly sized to fit in other places tidily,” and, just enough room to add more for at least a while. I feel like the world is new with possibilities! Or I would, if I hadn’t just seen An Inconvenient Truth, which isn’t meant to be but which is a bit bleak, and which should be mandatory viewing somehow, if movies could be made mandatory.

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